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In this plastic surgery testimonial, Courtney describes the results Dr. David A. Sherris helped her achieve. Dr. Sherris is a top-rated facial plastic surgeon who has received numerous awards. Each year, he is voted one of the "Best Doctors in America."

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Hi, my name is Courtney, and I am a pharmacist. I found Dr. Sherris through Google, and the procedure I was looking to have done was on my face, so I was thinking, "Well, why would I go to a plastic surgeon who specializes in like tummy tucks or breast augmentation when I want my face done? I'd like a specialist to work on my face." What makes this office unique is everyone's really friendly here, to begin with. You feel welcome. You don't feel judged. You don't feel uncomfortable whatsoever. It's very clean, modern, up-to-date. The office location is great. It's not too far away from the thruway exit, and it's pretty much in the heart of Buffalo. And the parking lot is private. It's tucked in the back. You don't need to worry about anyone seeing you walking into the office. What impressed me the most about Dr. Sherris is that he is so professional, but he's so easy to talk to. He's funny. He's honest. What I like most about him is that he's honest. He doesn't pressure you into getting worked on that you didn't even think of in the first place. He is more conservative in his treatment so you're going to walk out looking like the best version of you not like somebody else. The services that I have received at this office are I've had Botox, and I've had some filler injections and in my lips and in my nose, and I have also had some Sculptra treatments. I think that they have complimented my appearance. When you do your makeup, you feel a little better and you have some fuller lips. As with the Sculptra, I am a skinny person so I like how it fills my face out a little, makes me look younger. Kind of turns back the hands of time without being too noticeable. The advice I would give to someone was looking for any type of facial plastic surgery is to do your research. You want to go to someone who is specialized in the facial area. It's very important. As I said before, you wouldn't want to go to a dentist if you needed open heart surgery. He's won many awards. They're all over his walls. It's just clear that he knows what he's doing.

Dr. David A. Sherris

The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. David A. Sherris is highly qualified to perform your surgery, with distinguishing achievements such as: 

  • Double board-certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as otolaryngology
  • Regular invitations to travel around the world to teach other surgeons 
  • Annually voted as one of the "Best Doctors of America"
  • Thousands of patients around the globe, including other doctors

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sherris and discuss your options for plastic surgery, contact our practice in Buffalo, NY, online or call us at (716) 884-5102.

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