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A brow lift can target the upper eye area and forehead to create a dramatically more youthful appearance. Dr. David A. Sherris performs the endoscopic brow lift technique to provide the most natural-looking outcome and a quicker recovery. He can tailor your procedure to your needs.

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So what is the brow lift? The brow lift is a procedure where we raise your eyebrow, typically, to make your upper lid and forehead area look good. I almost exclusively do the endoscopic brow lift, which means we make little, tiny incisions in your hair. We don't cut your hair. We work underneath them. We can provide kind of a permanent Botox effect on the forehead and eyebrow, and it opens the eye to give a more bright and youthful appearance to the whole eye area. A brow lift is more common in women than in men, and the reason is a woman's brow typically sits above the boney edge above the eye. In men, it's okay for the brow to sit at or even below that. So in men, we don't typically do brow lifts. But in women, many times, they'll come in even in their early 30s and say, "I think I need my upper lids fixed." And really, what's occurred is their brow has come down a little. The results from an endoscopic brow lift look great. They look really natural. They don't give you that permanent surprised look that some people associate with old brow lifts from way back when, and it's a quick-healing procedure. Typically, people take maybe a week off work. At most, two, but usually more like a week. And if they don't bruise a lot, they look great at a week. Some people come in complaining of a heavy lid and really wanting an eyelid or blepharoplasty surgery. I may correct them and say really what they need is a brow lift first, and the reason is if we don't correct that brow lift first, the lateral aspect of the eyebrow stays low. That's called "hooding," and that is not corrected with just an eyelid surgery. Additionally, if they have an aggressive upper lid surgery, it actually prevents us from being able to do a brow lift because there's not enough laxity to lift. The brow lift, really, in my opinion, is a much greater improvement aesthetically than just an upper lid surgery is. The results of an endoscopic brow lift are apparent very quickly. Like any surgery, there's a little bit of swelling and there can be bruising. As soon as that bruising is resolved, if any occurs at all, you're going to notice the effect and it's going to look great. Certainly, as swelling resolves over a few months, it'll probably look even a little better and more natural. But it looks good really quickly.

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