Combining Plastic Surgeries


Often, different areas of the face show signs of aging at the same time. Dr. David A. Sherris is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can combine plastic surgery procedures to help you achieve rejuvenation. Undergoing multiple treatments at once can also minimize downtime and save you money.

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Many people come in and say, "I'm bothered by my jawline." But when we look at them, we also note that their forehead has some wrinkles and the brow is a little bit low, besides some jowls and looseness in the neck. Many times, people will combine procedures. For instance, an endoscopic brow-lift with a facelift or a mini-facelift, even with lower lids as well, is a very common combination. And what that does is it allows someone who's generalized aged overall in the face to keep everything in sync, so the forehead, eyes, and face all match. They look uniform in age. Sometimes people can get away with just a mini-lift or just a brow-lift, but combining procedures is very common. It provides you the advantages of one downtime from surgery, so one time off from work. It also has some financial benefits related to time savings in the operating room. So how do we get the combined procedures? Sometimes people will do something like a mini-lift, and then that looks great, but they come back three months later and say, "Now I notice my forehead's wrinkly," or, "My lower lids are puffy. I wish I had done that together." And we certainly offer that opportunity. You can combine many procedures, and in a consultation, we can go over exactly what each procedure would address and what we can do together.

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