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Dr. David A. Sherris strives to provide his patients with an outstanding experience. He takes great care to provide highly personalized care and natural-looking results. In this plastic surgery review, Maggie highly recommends Dr. Sherris for both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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My name is Maggie Syta. I'm a nurse practitioner. I work in private practice in psychiatry, and I work at Roswell Park Cancer. I think it was probably about five years ago, I was looking for someone to do Sculptra, and I looked online, and he was the only person in Buffalo who was doing it. What makes this office unique is that he focuses on procedures from the neck up, and that's his specialty, and I like that. What impressed me the most was his . . . the fact that he was not pretentious, his sense of humor, very laid-back staff. I didn't feel like it was any kind of a factory kind of situation. It was very personal. He's the only one here practicing, so you felt like you got a lot of personal care. The services I've received include Sculptra, other fillers, Botox, and a facelift. I would have to say that having the facelift was the best thing I ever did. I'm beyond happy with it. I know people who work in this industry, and he comes highly recommended, and I get nothing but compliments. I look like myself. I just look better, younger. I recommend him to everyone. I can't even think of anyone else I would go to for these services. So I would say that he comes highly recommended. I'm very happy. And being a healthcare provider myself, I kind of know what people like and what they look for, and I would always recommend this office.

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