Hair Restoration Can Reverse Hair Loss & Improve Confidence


Dr. Sherris offers NeoGraft®, a hair restoration treatment performed on men and women. This FDA-approved hair transplant technique uses follicular unit extraction (FUE). It does not result in the common linear scar at the back of the scalp, is more comfortable, and has a success rate of over 90 percent.

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NeoGraft procedure is a hair transplant procedure where we take single follicular units from the back of the head and move them up into the front of the head. This gives you a very natural-appearing hairline, and it avoids a big linear scar in the back of the scalp. Hair transplants, the hair that's transplanted from the back to the front tends to last a lifetime. You may lose hair around it, so it's very important not to start too early. So typically, we tell people to start not before their very late 20s, and it really also depends on the pattern of hair loss in their family. You don't want to put hair at the front of a hairline when the history of the patient is probably going to be total baldness. In reverse, someone who just has a little peak at the brow, you can safely fill that in earlier if really the family history is really just that loss of hair in this area and maybe thinning elsewhere. Depending on the number of hairs we're going to transplant at one setting, the hair transplant procedure can take anywhere from five to seven hours. The anesthesia we use for hair transplantation is local anesthetic. We may give you a little sedative to relax you a little bit and a pain medicine. Though, most patients don't really complain of a lot of discomfort with this procedure. The hair growth typically takes about four months to start where it's been transplanted. The donor site heals very rapidly. Probably within a week, it's pretty well-healed with this technique. But the new hair growth typically starts at about four months and really takes a year to reach the final result. Probably the greatest benefit of the NeoGraft System is the avoidance of that linear scar on the back and less discomfort with the procedure itself. Secondarily, the take of the hair is very high, over 90% hair-take where we implant it. So the satisfaction rate is very high related to that, as long as your expectations are appropriate. We can't take a bald person and fill their head to when they were 25. But certainly, the framing of the face and the hairline really is very important because that, when we look and speak to other people, is what you see. How the hair frames the face is really the most important part.

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