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Can a Brow Lift Fix My Hairline?

Brow lifts aren’t just for smoothing forehead wrinkles. They can also be used to improve the hairline. Find out how as we take a closer…

Posted by dsherris on Jul 16, 2024

Brow Lift Candidates: Getting Rid of Forehead Lines

Brow lift candidates are getting rid of forehead lines at The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery. Find out if you’re a candidate for this rejuvenating…

Posted by dsherris on May 26, 2023

Endoscopic vs Traditional Brow Lift: Surgical Technique Comparison

Endoscopic brow lift has several advantages over traditional forehead surgery techniques. Our Buffalo, NY plastic surgery center compares options.

Posted by dsherris on Mar 02, 2018

Reduced Scarring Brow Lift: Discreet Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Endoscopic surgical techniques allow for reduced scarring with brow lift. Cosmetic surgeon David Sherris, M.D. considers this forehead wrinkle surgery and its advantages.

Posted by dsherris on Feb 15, 2018

Brow Lift Scars - What to Expect

Dr. Sherris explains where any brow lift scars may be located after surgery, as well as patients can do to prevent scars during their recovery period.

Posted by dsherris on Dec 18, 2017

Seven Possible Brow Lift Side Effects and Risks

Dr. David A. Sherris discusses the brow lift side effects and risks with each patient during a private consultation at his practice.

Posted by dsherris on Aug 18, 2017

What to Expect after Brow Lift Surgery: The Recovery Period

Learn what you can expect while recovering from brow lift surgery, a highly effective procedure that can help you look years younger.

Posted by dsherris on Feb 18, 2017

Surgical Solutions for the Upper Face: Eyelid Surgery vs. Browlift

Which facial plastic surgery solution is best suited for the signs of aging in the upper face: eyelid surgery or browlift? Find out as we…

Posted by dsherris on Sep 19, 2016

Treating Forehead Creases with BOTOX® Cosmetic vs. Brow Lift

Dr. David A. Sherris discusses the pros and cons of BOTOX® Cosmetic and a brow lift for revitalizing the upper area of the face.

Posted by dsherris on Dec 16, 2014

Address Signs of Aging on the Upper Face with Brow Lift or Upper Eyelid Surgery

Facial plastic surgeon David A. Sherris offers brow lift surgery and upper eyelid surgery as ways to improve the appearance of the upper face and…

Posted by dsherris on Jun 30, 2014

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