Surgical Solutions for the Upper Face: Eyelid Surgery vs. Browlift By dsherris on September 19, 2016

Female patient with smooth upper facial skin after eyelid surgery combined with browliftThe upper third of the face is often among the first area of the face to show conspicuous signs of aging, particularly the skin around the eyes and the forehead area. While there are effective non-surgical treatments that can be used to rejuvenate these areas, patients who wish to achieve optimal, long-lasting results may want to consider facial plastic surgery. At The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. David A. Sherris offers both eyelid surgery and brow lifts, two procedures that are potentially ideal for patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their faces due to signs of aging in the eye and or brow regions.

The concern many patients have when they first arrive at The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery is whether they should undergo eyelid surgery, brow lift, or a combination of the two. In discussing the issue of eyelid surgery vs. brow lift during consultations at his Buffalo, NY facial plastic surgery practice, Dr. Sherris takes into consideration each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals and suggests a customized treatment plan accordingly. He makes sure that patients understand both procedures well so that they can make confident, informed decisions about how to proceed with treatment.

Could you benefit from eyelid surgery, brow lift, or both? To find out, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. David A. Sherris by contacting The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery today.

What Are the Differences between Eyelid Surgery and Browlift Surgery?

Both eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery are among the most transformative and dramatically rejuvenating procedures in facial plastic surgery. Indeed, undergoing either of these procedures alone can take years off of the face and forestall the need for more comprehensive facial plastic surgery by a decade or more.

Eyelid surgery, clinically known as blepharoplasty, can be performed on the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both. For patients with heavy, sagging upper eyelids, Dr. Sherris can remove excess fat and skin to recontour the eyelid and create a lighter, more aesthetically pleasing lid. For patients with dark undereye circles, wrinkles under the eyes or puffy bags, he can remove excess skin and fat or redistribute the puffy fat to create a smoother lower eyelid rejuvenating the area.

As you might imagine, eyelid surgery is fairly limited in its scope. While it can have a profound effect on the eye area, it will not affect the forehead in any notable way. Conversely, a brow lift will address frown lines, sagging, and other signs of aging in the forehead while also potentially improving certain signs of aging in the eyes. By lifting sagging skin of the brow, Dr. Sherris can also help to elevate sagging upper eyelid skin. If the sagging of the eyelids is minor, this may be sufficient to achieving acceptable or even excellent results. The eyebrows should be positioned above the brow bone in a female and on the brow bone in a male. As we age and the brow sags below the brow bone it will also cause sagging of the upper eyelid. The correct way to address the area is to position the brow in the correct position and then address the upper eyelids if needed.

For patients with signs of aging in both the forehead and the eyes, eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery can be combined with outstanding results.

Learn More about Eyelid Surgery vs. Browlift Surgery

To learn more about eyelid surgery vs. browlift surgery, please contact The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery today.

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