David Sherris, M.D.

Anti-Aging Tips to Make Your Facelift Results Last Longer

A facelift can make patients look years younger but results can fade overtime. Following these anti-aging tips can help facelift results last as long as…

Posted by dsherris on Mar 01, 2024

Brow Lift or Blepharoplasty: Which Option Is Right for Me?

If you have wrinkles on the upper third area of the face, you may be wondering if a brow lift or blepharoplasty is the best…

Posted by dsherris on Feb 01, 2024

Can Eyelid Surgery Improve My Vision?

If you’re wondering whether eyelid surgery can improve your vision, the answer is a resounding yes. Let's discuss why your vision is affected, how blepharoplasty…

Posted by dsherris on Jan 10, 2024

Should I Get a Facelift or Cosmetic Injectable Treatment?

Explore the possibility of facelift or non-invasive injectable treatments and see which treatment is right for you.

Posted by dsherris on Dec 11, 2023

Is There an Ideal Age for Facial Plastic Surgery?

Is there an ideal age for facial plastic surgery? Yes, but that doesn’t mean people outside of the ideal age range aren’t candidates. If you…

Posted by dsherris on Nov 19, 2023

Don't Like Your Nose Job? You May Need a Revision Rhinoplasty

After a rhinoplasty, you should feel more confident with your appearance, but that isn’t always the case. Find out the signs you need a revision…

Posted by dsherris on Oct 22, 2023

Comparing Facelift Options: Which Surgery Is Right for Me?

A facelift addresses common signs of facial aging by smoothing and lifting the skin to revitalize the appearance. Facial plastic surgeon David A. Sherris helps…

Posted by dsherris on Sep 22, 2023

Best Anti-aging Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Facial plastic surgeon David A. Sherris discusses the best anti-aging cosmetic surgery procedures offered at his surgical clinic. If you would like to learn more…

Posted by dsherris on Aug 20, 2023

Forehead Lift with Botox or Surgery: Which Is Right For Me?

Dr. David A. Sherris explains how patients can achieve forehead and brow lift results through BOTOX or surgery and which may be right for each…

Posted by dsherris on Jul 23, 2023

Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty for Deviated Septum: The Benefits of Surgery

When a deviated septum compromises breathing, Dr. David A. Sherris can perform a septoplasty combined with rhinoplasty to open the nasal passages, improve breathing, and enhance…

Posted by dsherris on Jun 20, 2023

Dr. David A. Sherris

The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. David A. Sherris is highly qualified to perform your surgery, with distinguishing achievements such as: 

  • Double board-certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as otolaryngology
  • Regular invitations to travel around the world to teach other surgeons 
  • Annually voted as one of the "Best Doctors of America"
  • Thousands of patients around the globe, including other doctors

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sherris and discuss your options for plastic surgery, contact our practice in Buffalo, NY, online or call us at (716) 884-5102.

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