Lower Eyelid Surgery for Undereye Circles By dsherris on August 19, 2022

Plastic surgery incision marksPeople often take special care to preserve facial skin and prevent lines, wrinkles, and bags. Despite these practices, the skin around the eyes often shows premature signs of aging. This is largely due to continual exposure to harsh environmental elements, as well as the fact that the skin around the eyes tends to be very thin and delicate.

At our facial plastic surgery practice in Buffalo, NY, Dr. David A. Sherris offers lower eyelid surgery for undereye circles. Lower eyelid surgery eliminates excess skin and fatty tissues to minimize the signs of undereye circles and restore a more alert and refreshed appearance.

Lower Eyelid Treatment

Lower eyelid surgery is typically performed with the patient under sedative anesthetic, although general anesthesia may also be used in certain circumstances. Each surgery is customized to the specific needs of each patient. Although each procedure is different, treatment usually involves the removal of skin and fat from the lower eyelid area.

To access these tissues, a small incision is made just beneath the lower eyelash line. Tissues and skin are removed or repositioned as necessary to lift, smooth, and tighten the skin. This greatly minimizes the appearance of undereye bags to create a more refreshed, well-rested, and youthful aesthetic.

Does Lower Eyelid Surgery Cause Scars?

Any incision has the potential to cause a scar as the tissues heal. While our Buffalo patients can expect the skin to scar after lower eyelid surgery, resulting scars should be very inconspicuous. Not only should scar tissues heal until they are small and light in color, but they sit just beneath the lower eyelashes, so they are unlikely to be visible to others.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Side Effects

When considering lower eyelid surgery for under eye circles, it is important to consider the side effects of treatment. Side effects are a normal part of any surgical recovery. Potential side effects of lower eyelid surgery include:

  • Bruising
  • Inflammation
  • Soreness or general discomfort
  • Dry eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Difficulty closing the eyes all the way
  • Blurred or double vision

Surgical side effects should be short-lived. Most side effects resolve within seven to 10 days following lower eyelid surgery. Swelling and bruising may last longer, but should improve considerably a week or two after surgery.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Recovery

It is important that our Buffalo patients get plenty of rest following their lower eyelid procedure so that the body is able to heal and side effects can resolve in a timely manner. Incisions should be removed within two days to a week after surgery. Although it can take several weeks for the eyes to heal completely and for the full effects of surgery to be apparent, most people feel well enough to return to work and other routine activities between one and two weeks after treatment.

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If undereye circles are making you look worn down, tired, or aged beyond your years, you may be an ideal candidate for lower eyelid surgery. To learn more about this procedure, send us a message online or call (716) 884-5102 to schedule a consultation with Dr. David A. Sherris.

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