Cheek Augmentation: Three Different Implant Options By dsherris on August 22, 2021

woman touching her face after cheek augmentation As people age, gravity takes a toll, and their cheeks tend to lose volume. Other people are simply born with under-defined cheekbones. Whether you want to address signs of aging or wish to enhance your facial features with more defined cheekbones, cheek augmentation can help.

During cheek augmentation, implants are inserted underneath the skin to enhance the face and create a fuller, plumper, and more youthful appearance. Dr. David Sherris offers various cheek augmentation options to address the signs of aging and balance facial contours for patients in Buffalo, NY

Explore Your Cheek Augmentation Options

Our plastic surgeon provides three types of implants for cheek augmentation: GORE-TEX®, silicone, and hydroxyapatite. Continue reading to learn more about these options.


GORE-TEX, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, is an expanded synthetic polymer used to correct facial defects, provide volume, and replace existing prostheses. This type of implant is generally stable, biocompatible, and natural-looking when placed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Sherris.

According to a study published by Reuters Health, less than 2 percent of patients developed complications after receiving a GORE-TEX implant. Complications included infection, swelling, and movement of the implant. As long as patients do not ignore symptoms, a doctor can address any complications.


Silicone is one of the most popular implant materials and has been used by plastic surgeons since the 1950s. Silicone is a gel-like material that feels similar to human fat. Silicone implants are entirely customizable and are created from a silicone case filled with silicone gel. Silicone implants are ideal for patients who want to add significant volume to their cheeks. These implants are generally stable and do not leak.

Silicone implants boast a long history of safety and satisfaction. The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery published a study focused on the long-term effects of silicone implants for facial surgery. In this study, researchers reported that 99 percent of patients were satisfied with their silicone facial implants and that no serious complications occurred. If you’re worried about your results, this treatment is reversible and silicone implants can be removed if you’re unsatisfied.


Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral found in bone, rocks, and sea coral. Plastic surgeons treat hydroxyapatite sourced from sea coral to create an implant that mimics human bone structure. This material’s porous nature and biocompatibility allows it to bond successfully with human tissue. Additionally, most patients are not allergic to hydroxyapatite.

In contrast to GORE-TEX and silicone implants, a distinguishing factor for hydroxyapatite implants is that doctors cannot remove them. Over time, hydroxyapatite implants integrate with the facial tissues and become a part of the patient’s anatomy.

Choosing the Right Implant for You

Every patient is different and has different needs, concerns, and personal goals. The best way to determine which implant is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sherris. During your consultation, Dr. Sherris will evaluate your case and help you choose an implant that best meets your needs.

Schedule a Cheek Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Sherris personalizes each cheek augmentation procedure to fit his patient’s needs. All three cheek augmentation materials offered at our Buffalo, NY, location could dramatically enhance the appearance of your face and help you feel your best. If you have additional questions about cheek augmentation, call (716) 884-5102 or message us online to book an appointment in Buffalo, NY.

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