Post-Surgery Scar Reduction Tips By dsherris on May 13, 2020

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Do fine lines and loose skin on your face and neck leave you appearing older than you feel? As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Sherris can restore youthful features to your face through facelift surgery

Following your surgery in Buffalo, NY, you will begin a recovery period. During that time, your scars will gradually fade. Patients have an important role to play in reducing the prominence of their facelift scars. This blog overviews easy but important steps you can take to do so. 

Work with an Experienced, Board-Certified Surgeon

An experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon understands where to place scars so that they are minimally visible. For over 15 years, thousands of patients (including other doctors and celebrities) have enjoyed drastic and natural-looking cosmetic results by working with Dr. Sherris. 

Our board-certified surgeon will work conservatively and will use advanced suturing techniques to ensure that any scars are minimal and hidden within the natural contours of your face and neck.

Take Time to Relax

When it comes to healing, your body is your best ally. By resting and avoiding strenuous activities, you can prevent strain on your body that can interfere with healing. Overexerting yourself can even lead to complications or damage to your still-healing incisions. 

Minimize Sun Exposure

Do your best to avoid excess sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation can increase swelling and bleeding at the treatment site, which can impede scar healing. If you do go outside, be sure to seek shade and wear a broad-brimmed hat or clothing that covers your healing incisions. Even light shade can significantly lower your exposure to the dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation. 

Do not apply sunscreen on your scars until they have healed. Once you have healed, generously use SPF 30 or higher sunscreen on your face and neck.

Try a Topical Scar-Minimizing Treatment 

Beware of unproven skincare products that claim to reduce scarring. Dr. Sherris will be glad to recommend an effective scar-minimizing topical treatment. As with sunscreen, be careful to avoid placing scar-reducing lotions directly on healing incisions. 

Follow Your Recovery Guidelines Closely

Your recovery guidelines are intended to help you avoid complications that can result in poor incision healing. Many of the steps included in your recovery guidelines will aid in scar healing. If you experience unexpected discomfort or worrisome side effects during your recovery, call our office immediately.

Consider Laser Treatment to Reduce Scars

Once your scars have fully healed, there are cosmetic laser treatments available that can further minimize the appearance of your scars. However, most patients report satisfaction with the appearance of their scars and choose not to pursue laser treatment to reduce scars. If you have questions about your scar-reducing options, Dr. Sherris will be glad to discuss your options during your visit to our Buffalo, NY, office.     

Schedule Your Facelift Today

Facelift surgery can erase many signs of aging. If you wish to eliminate sagging skin and wrinkles on your face and neck, Dr. Sherris can customize a facelift treatment that “lifts” years off the appearance of your face. To schedule your next visit, please contact our office online or call (716) 884-5102.

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