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Natural Results That Willl Take Years Off Your Face

The face lift is an extremely rewarding cosmetic surgery procedure that can reverse the effects of aging on the face and neck. Dr. David Sherris uses the latest techniques, which offer smaller incisions, faster healing, and less visible scarring to improve patient satisfaction and results. Liposuction of the neck may also be incorporated to create a more youthful contour in the neck and jowls.

Dr. Sherris offers several different kinds of face lift procedures: the mini face lift , standard facelift, deep plane face lift, and endoscopic mid face lift. During your initial consultation at our Buffalo practice, Dr. Sherris will determine which face lift procedure is most appropriate for your needs and goals. Face lifts can be combined with brow lifts or eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty for complete facial rejuvenation. We serve face lift patients from Rochester , Niagara Falls, and throughout the region who are seeking premier results and high-quality care.

Facelift Patient

Facelift patient
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Standard Face Lift

The standard face lift is ideal for patients who desire to reverse the signs of aging on the lower third of the face. The procedure can address several common complaints at the same time by eliminating jowls, reducing the prominence of wrinkles, and improving the contour of the jawline and neck. 

In the past, the face lift procedure was performed by simply trimming excess skin. This technique proved to be ineffective, resulting in an unnatural "windswept" appearance. To correct the deficiencies of previous methods, Dr. Sherris tightens and lifts the underlying layer over the facial muscles along with the outer dermal layer. Sagging skin is smoothed away and a natural-looking, youthful appearance is restored. The standard facelift includes liposuction of the neck to remove the pad of fat under the chin and to improve the skin's ability to smooth under the jawline and chin. Please contact our Buffalo practice for more information on the standard face lift or to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. David Sherris.

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Mini Face Lift

The mini face lift also known by other names such as the Q lift or J lift is appropriate for younger patients in their 30s and 40s who are beginning to exhibit the first telltale signs of aging and wish to correct mild drooping and sagging. The procedure is designed for patients who need to target only a few isolated areas, commonly around the cheeks or along the jawline, instead of patients who require complete facial and neck rejuvenation. The mini face lift is not as invasive as other face lift surgeries and takes less time to perform and recover from. Unlike other mini face lifts, Dr. Sherris will always tighten the underlying tissue layer beneath the skin which gives a more natural and longer lasting result. Other procedures, like liposuction of the neck or SMAS implants to the nasolabial folds can be added to the mini face lift to address more significant problems less invasively. Arrange a mini face lift consultation at our practice serving Buffalo , Niagara Falls, and Rochester.

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Endoscopic Mid Face Lift

The mid face lift targets the middle region of the face, from the lower eyelids to the upper corners of the mouth and is an excellent solution for patients who are interested in looking younger but do not need to address laxity of the chin, jawline, and neck.

Dr. David Sherris performs the mid face lift endoscopically, meaning that he inserts tiny surgical instruments to reshape the facial muscles and tissues. A miniature camera is also inserted that transfers images to a video screen so that the procedure can be closely monitored by Dr. Sherris. The instruments and camera are inserted through small incisions that generally heal within a week after the procedure and leave virtually no scars. Endoscopic mid face lift surgery is advantageous because it enables Dr. Sherris to move the cheek fat pads to a more youthful, elevated position while improving creases around the lower eyelids and cheeks. The end results of the endoscopic mid face lift procedure include smooth, younger-looking skin and a refreshed, alert appearance.

For rejuvenation of the eyelid and cheek region with short recovery times and minimal scarring, contact our practice in Buffalo and schedule an endoscopic mid face lift consultation today. We welcome patients from Niagara Falls, Rochester, and throughout the region.

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Deep Plane Face Lift

The deep plane face lift is intended for patients in their late 40s or older who are exhibiting severe facial sagging. Whereas traditional face lifts tighten the muscles and tissues that are closest to the skin, deep plane face lifts reposition the entire SMAS layer (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) all the way to the nasolabial fold. The deep plane face lift is one of the few procedures that can significantly reduce the prominence of the nasolabial lines, the prominent, deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth.

Because the deep plane face lift is more intensive than other face lift procedures, it requires a longer healing period. To find out whether you are an appropriate candidate for the deep plane face lift, please contact Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery and arrange a consultation with Dr. David Sherris.

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As a premier Buffalo face lift surgeon, Dr. David Sherris serves patients from Rochester , Niagara Falls, and around the country. Please contact Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a personal meeting with Dr. David Sherris to discuss which face lift procedure is right for you.

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