The Transconjunctival Eyelid Surgery Technique By dsherris on May 17, 2018

A beautiful woman smilingDo you have under eye circles or puffiness beneath your eyes? Under eye bags or excess puffiness can make patients look more tired and older than they actually are. All of these problems can be effectively treated with eyelid surgery.

At The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. David Sherris performstransconjunctival eyelid surgeryto reduce the signs of aging and produce a more youthful appearance. In addition to the aesthetic benefits that eyelid surgery offer, this lower lid technique does not require any external incisions and patients experience a faster recovery.

To learn more about transconjunctival eyelid surgery, read on, and then contact our Buffalo, NYpractice to schedule a consultation.

Who Is a Good Candidate for this Procedure?

Transconjunctival eyelid surgery is ideal for patients that are unhappy with the appearance of their lower lids. The technique can address:

  • Under eye circles
  • Puffiness under the eyes
  • A tired appearance

Transconjunctival eyelid surgery can be performed on patients that have good skin and muscle tone. The procedure does not involve the removal of any skin, so patients that have skin wrinkling in the lower lids may be better suited to another eyelid surgery technique.

In addition, patients undergoing any type of surgery should be in good physical and mental health. Most patients are over 35 years of age, but the procedure can be performed on younger patients as well. To experience the best post-surgical results, patients should not smoke in the weeks before or after surgery.

Benefits of Transconjunctival Eyelid Surgery

To perform the procedure, Dr. Sherris will reposition and sculpt the fat under the lids so it is more evenly and smoothly distributed. The fat is accessed through small incisions on the inside of the lower eyelid. 

Because the skin side of the lower lids is not disturbed, patients that undergo transconjunctival eyelid surgery will not have any visible scarring.

In addition, there is less trauma to the tissues around the eyes, resulting in reduced swelling and bruising and a faster overall recovery.

How to Prepare for this Type of Surgery

In the weeks prior to your transconjunctival eyelid surgery appointment, be sure to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. 

During your pre-surgical appointment, it is important to discuss any medications you are taking to be sure they will not interfere with or complicate results from the surgery. 

Before surgery, make sure that you have someone to drive you home post procedure.

On the day of the surgery, shower prior to the procedure, making sure to thoroughly wash your face and eyebrows. Come to your procedure with a clean face; cosmetics should not be worn during surgery.

What to Expect after the Surgery

Patients who undergo transconjunctival eyelid surgery experience a shortened recovery time and can typically expect to return to work within a week to ten days after the procedure. 

After the surgery, the eyelids might feel tender and taut for a couple of weeks. Swelling will occur for a few weeks after surgery. These side effects can be reduced by applying cold compresses to the eyes and elevating the head when resting and sleeping.

Call Today for Your Consultation

Transconjunctival eyelid surgery can offer real, lasting results. To explore your options, call Dr. Sherris’ practice at 716-884-5102 or contact us online.

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