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Woman with a straight, proportionate noseThe nose plays an important role in allowing individuals to breathe freely. However, it also plays an important aesthetic role. When nasal defects or injury are present, it can significantly affect the appearance of the nose. Dr. David Sherris is a world-renowned specialist in reconstructive surgery to rebuild facial features to restore a more natural and attractive appearance to the face. Nose reconstruction candidates at his Buffalo, NY practice can rely on Dr. Sherris to rebuild their nose while maintaining the overall structure and balance of the face. Through reconstructive surgery, we can restore a patients’ appearance and confidence.

Reasons for Nose Reconstruction

Many people think nose reconstruction surgery and rhinoplasty are the same procedure. Although the basic goal of the two surgeries is the same - providing patients with an attractive and well-proportioned nose - the reasons for the procedures are entirely different. While rhinoplasty addresses cosmetic flaws, such as a crooked nose or a bump along the bridge, reconstruction surgery is performed to rebuild a nose with moderate to severe defects in order to restore breathing or disfigurement. However, many times reconstructive surgery is combined with cosmetic rhinoplasty to improve appearance while restoring breathing.

Patients who are likely to be ideal candidates for nose reconstruction include the following:

  • People who have suffered a facial injury that broke the nose or altered its appearance
  • Individuals who have had cancerous tumors removed from their nose
  • Those with birth defects or cleft lip deformity which can affect the nose later in life

As with any surgical procedure, it is also important that these patients be physically and mentally prepared for surgery. Patients should be in good overall health and must be free of any conditions that would increase the risks of surgery. Patients should also have realistic expectations for the results of nose reconstruction.

Dr. Sherris is highly skilled and works carefully to ensure the most natural and beautiful outcome, but the results of surgery will depend on the degree of reconstruction needed prior to surgery. Dr. Sherris will consider each patient’s unique situation and discuss with the type of results that can realistically be achieved through nose reconstruction.

The Procedure

As with cosmetic rhinoplasty, nose reconstruction is most likely to be performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia. Dr. Sherris carefully plans out each nose reconstruction procedure to best meet the unique needs of patients. During surgery, Dr. Sherris will use the patient’s own bone, tissue, cartilage, and membranes to rebuild the structure of the nose and restore a nose that looks and functions as perfect as possible. Dr. Sherris has in-depth knowledge of the structure and balance of the face, and takes all of this into account to ensure optimal aesthetic results for his patients.

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. David Sherris is a leading specialist in facial reconstruction surgery. His expertise is complemented by a true compassion for those who are dealing with the hardships of facial deformities or breathing issues. If you are considering nose reconstruction, make sure you are treated by the best. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sherris at your earliest convenience to find out if you are an ideal candidate for treatment.

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