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Dr. David Sherris provides reconstructive surgery to patients in Buffalo, New York at the Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is a world-renowned specialist in reconstructing defects of the face and nose from cancer resection, trauma, or congenital causes. Dr. Sherris and his team are sympathetic toward the hardships one faces when affected by facial disfigurement, and we want to do everything we can to help. Patients can rest assured they that will be in good hands with Dr. Sherris, as he is a pioneer in the field of reconstructive surgery, paving the way for new advances and developments. Dr. Sherris has in-depth knowledge of the structural and aesthetic aspects of the face, which is critical in giving patients the best possible results. To learn more about reconstructive surgery, contact our Buffalo practice today.

Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

During the initial consultation, Dr. Sherris will evaluate your condition and map out the best course of treatment to meet your objectives. The surgery is specifically tailored to each individual's unique needs, which may include:

  • Nose reconstruction - Dr. Sherris can rebuild the nose using the patient's own cartilage, bone, skin, and membranes.
  • Facial reanimation - Various techniques are used to restore the muscles in the face that have been paralyzed due to nerve injury. The surgery can correct the "drooping" appearance of the face, as well as restore some degree of facial movement. The patient's own muscle, tissue, and possibly implants are used.
  • Lip reconstruction - Using the patient's own tissues and fat, Dr. Sherris can reconstruct the lips to look and function properly.
  • Skin grafting - Dr. Sherris can transplant healthy skin from one body part onto the area of the face where skin has been lost or severely damaged.​
  • Ear reconstruction - Dr. Sherris can rebuild the ears using transplanted cartilage for patients who have experienced loss or damage.

Dr. Sherris for Reconstructive Surgery

Recently, Dr. Sherris invented a new technique for facial paralysis reconstruction that improves quality of life and appearance of patients with facial nerve paralysis.

Dr. Sherris has published extensively on facial reconstruction and has written two books on the topic. His latest book, Principles of Facial Reconstruction: A Subunit Approach to Cutaneous Repair, from Thieme, is available on

Dr. Sherris travels the world, teaching other doctors his innovative techniques in facial reconstruction. In 2011, he traveled to Cambodia as part of a three-surgeon team with the Face to Face program from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In Cambodia, Dr. Sherris and his colleagues saw over 100 patients and performed over 40 facial reconstructive surgeries.

Learn More about Reconstructive Surgery

Most types of reconstructive surgery are covered by insurance plans, and a helpful member of our team would be happy to assist you in acquiring insurance if necessary. If you have any sort of facial deformity or have experienced some kind of facial trauma, we know that your circumstances have been difficult. We want to make the process of reconstruction as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. Dr. Sherris has the expertise, skill, and experience to rebuild your facial features so that they look natural and beautiful, as well as to restore feeling and functionality. To learn more about reconstructive surgery, contact our Buffalo plastic surgery clinic today.

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