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patient recovering from facial plastic surgeryEach year, thousands of people rely on cosmetic treatments to address aesthetic flaws, reverse signs of aging, and enhance their appearance. Among the many cosmetic treatments that are available, facial plastic surgery procedures are some of the most often performed.

Facial plastic surgeon David A. Sherris, serving Buffalo, NY, and surrounding areas, offers a wide range of facial cosmetic procedures to address the most common aesthetic concerns. Here we present facial plastic surgery statistics that demonstrate just how popular these cosmetic services are.

Top Five Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has been gathering and analyzing plastic surgery statistics in the United States for over two decades. Every year they release a report with a summary of their findings. Included in their report is a list of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures for the year. According to data reported in the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, the five most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures were:

  1. Nose reshaping - 352,555 procedures for the year
  2. Eyelid surgery - 325,112 procedures for the year
  3. Facelift - 234,374 procedures for the year
  4. Liposuction - 211,067 procedures for the year
  5. Breast augmentation - 193,073 procedures for the year

These statistics show that facial cosmetic surgeries account for the three most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for the year, as they did the previous year, in 2019.

Facial Plastic Surgery Statistics Among Men and Women

Data reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that women accounted for the majority of cosmetic procedures performed in 2020, but men underwent a significant number of cosmetic treatments as well. Looking at plastic surgery statistics as they are broken down between men and women, it is clear that facial plastic surgery procedures are popular among both male and female patients. In 2020, the top five cosmetic surgery procedures among women were:

  1. Nose reshaping
  2. Eyelid Surgery 
  3. Facelift
  4. Breast Augmentation
  5. Liposuction

Again, three of the top five procedures consist of facial plastic surgery procedures. Facial plastic surgery procedures were the most commonly performed procedure on male patients as well. Among males, the top five cosmetic surgery procedures in 2020 were:

  1. Nose reshaping
  2. Eyelid surgery
  3. Cheek implants
  4. Liposuction
  5. Ear surgery

Why Are Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures So Popular?

There are several reasons that facial plastic surgery procedures are consistently the most popular among our Buffalo patients, and plastic surgery patients across the country. Most notably, the face is often the first part of the body to show signs of aging. The facial skin is constantly exposed to UV rays and other harsh environmental elements. This exposure makes the facial skin more susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and other cosmetic flaws. Additionally, the facial skin (particularly the skin around the eyes) is thinner than the skin around other parts of the body, which makes it more vulnerable to damage. Finally, the face is one of the most noticeable features, so when imperfections are present, people are often eager to correct them.

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