A Cultural Bridge (And Tip): Ethnic Rhinoplasty By dsherris on April 16, 2016

A Hispanic patient after ethnic rhinoplastyIf you are not Caucasian but you are considering rhinoplasty because you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose, you want to be sure that you entrust your rhinoplasty to a plastic surgeon that is well-versed in the anatomical differences between faces of different ethnicities. The simple truth is that every ethnicity has its own distinctive nasal characteristics, and if you work with a plastic surgeon who does not take this reality into account, you risk being displeased with your results. Whether your goal is to make subtle refinements to your nose while preserving its ethnic traits or make more dramatic alterations that blur these ethnic traits, you want to be sure that your rhinoplasty is being performed by a surgeon that can get it right the first time.

Acclaimed facial plastic surgeon David A. Sherris is a master of ethnic rhinoplasty. At his Buffalo, NY practice, The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery, he has performed rhinoplasty on patients of virtually every ethnicity, producing the precise results they desired. Regardless of your ethnicity, if you are looking for a facial plastic surgeon who can deliver natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing rhinoplasty results, Dr. Sherris would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at his state-of-the-art office for a confidential consultation.

What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Simply put, ethnic rhinoplasty refers to nose reshaping surgery performed on non-Caucasian patients. Although no two noses are alike, and Dr. Sherris customizes every rhinoplasty procedure he performs to the unique needs and goals of the individual patient, there are shared characteristics among the noses of various ethnic groups that differentiate them from one another. Plastic surgeons that are unaware of these shared characteristics are generally ill-suited to perform rhinoplasty on ethnic patients.

Dr. Sherris has extensive experience and an impressive record of patient satisfaction in performing ethnic rhinoplasty on patients of:

  • Asian heritage: Many Asian patients opt for nasal augmentation rather than reduction, as Asian noses tend to have flatter bridges with wider nostrils than most ethnicities. Dr. Sherris can add definition to the bridge of the nose while simultaneously narrowing the nostrils, if desired.
  • African heritage: Patients of African heritage often wish to add definition to the tips of their noses or narrow their nostrils without sacrificing their essential ethnic identities. A subtle approach to rhinoplasty is required to achieve such results.
  • Middle Eastern heritage: Middle Eastern patients often wish to achieve smaller noses or reduce a bump while preserving their ethnic heritage. Dr. Sherris is able to produce results that please patients of Middle Eastern heritage without disrupting harmony among the features of their faces.
  • Hispanic heritage: Patients of Hispanic heritage may have a high bridge or a normal bridge with a drooping tip, depending on where they are from. Dr. Sherris can reshape their noses accordingly, giving them the natural-looking results they desire while respecting their heritage.

Learn More about Ethnic Rhinoplasty

To learn more about ethnic rhinoplasty, please contact The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery today.

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