Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment for Marionette Lines By dsherris on November 13, 2015

Close up of a woman’s smooth, wrinkle-free lower faceMarionette lines are among the more unflattering signs of aging, as one might gather from the nick name given to them. After all, who wants to resemble a marionette in any way? The phrase is used to describe the lines that can run from the corners of the mouth to the edges of the chin. If such lines have developed on your face, then you are probably reading this blog post right now because you would like to know your options for getting rid of them once and for all.

Facelift surgery is one potential option for eliminating deep wrinkles such as marionette lines from the face. As we age the face loses collagen and fat causing facial sagging.Marionette lines develop and eventually jowling along the jawline and neck. Mini face lifts to standard or deep plane face lifts can address the marionette lines caused by aging. Dr. Sherris will customize your lift depending on the severity of the marionette lines.  However, for patients who are looking for less invasive methods of smoothing and rejuvenating their facial skin, there are alternatives. David A. Sherris, MD, offers a variety of treatment options for marionette lines at his Buffalo, NY plastic surgery practice. These include minimally invasive treatments well suited to those whose marionette lines are just beginning to show.

As with all treatments available at our practice, Dr. Sherris will customize your marionette lines treatment to meet your unique needs and goals. Every treatment we offer is personalized with the safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction of our patients in mind. For further information about marionette lines treatment, or to find out which treatment option is best suited to your particular case, we invite you to meet with Dr. Sherris for a confidential, one-on-one consultation at your earliest convenience.

Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

If your marionette lines are relatively minimal, or if you do not wish to undergo facial plastic surgery, then you may wish to consider a non-surgical treatment option for marionette lines. We offer a comprehensive range of minimally invasive injectable dermal fillers that can be used to restore volume to hollow regions of the face, including the area between the corners of the mouth and the chin. Such dermal fillers include:

  • Restylane®
  • Radiesse®

Each of these dermal fillers produces temporary results; however, treatment can safely be repeated as necessary. Results are immediate and can last up to a year or longer depending on the dermal filler and your response.


Surgical Treatment Options

If you are looking for the longest-term and most definitive solution to marionette lines and other wrinkles on the face, then you may want to consider facelift surgery. Dr. Sherris is a double-board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery. He can customize your facial plastic surgery to focus specifically on the areas of greatest concern. Therefore, if wrinkling is concentrated in the lower face, he can focus your surgery in that area. If it is concentrated in the mid- to lower-third of the face, he can focus in that area. There are many alternatives to traditional full facelift surgery, all of which he can explain to you in detail during your initial consultation with him at his state-of-the-art practice.

Learn More about Treatment for Marionette Lines

To learn more about treatment for marionette lines, please contact our plastic surgery center today.

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