Facelift Results: What to Expect from Your Procedure By dsherris on January 20, 2015

Close-up of a woman’s smiling face, her skin smooth after facelift surgeryOver the years, as the technologies and methods used to perform facelift surgery have been improved and refined, much of the stigma that was once attached to the procedure has disappeared. Especially when it is performed by a talented, experienced facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. David A. Sherris, facelift surgery is now a perfectly acceptable means of rejuvenating one’s face, as mainstream as wearing make-up or applying anti-wrinkle creams at night. Whereas the facelifts of yesteryear often resulted in unnatural, pulled-back looks, modern facelifts subtly enhance a woman’s natural beauty, taking years off of her face without leaving any of the tell-tale signs that she underwent plastic surgery.

At The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery, the practice of Dr. Sherris in Buffalo, facelift results are consistently natural looking, elegant, and stunningly beautiful, regardless of the technique used. Dr. Sherris is a master of multiple facelift techniques; likewise, he is a master of matching and customizing the right technique to the right patient, depending on her unique needs and goals. Whatever your desires, you can rely on Dr. Sherris to produce results of the highest standard.

Establishing Realistic Expectations

The first and possibly most important step toward ensuring satisfaction with the results of facelift surgery is to help the patient establish realistic expectations for the procedure. No plastic surgeon, no matter how skilled and experienced, can make a 45-year-old patient look like she is 21 years old again. It simply cannot be done. A patient who has unrealistic expectations of the results that can be achieved through facelift surgery is going to be disappointed, even if she achieves the best possible results in her case.

If a patient in her late forties or older with severe facial sagging and deep nasolabial folds turns to Dr. Sherris, he will most likely recommend the deep plane facelift. This technique will address aging facial skin, including nasolabial folds, on the deepest level, as its name suggests. It will turn the clock back by as much as ten years. Patients who undergo the procedure expecting results within this range are generally very pleased with their results. Other patients with mild facial sagging can undergo a mini facelift with great results which is less invasive. Dr. Sherris will always customize the appropriate facelift to each patient given their concerns and goals.

Understanding That Patients Play a Role in Their Results

Dr. Sherris devotes significant time to explaining the role patients play in their post-surgical recovery. Facelift results reveal themselves after surgery but full healing happens over a few months, not weeks. This can be frustrating to patients; however, during this time, they must follow the post-operative instructions provided to them by Dr. Sherris diligently to promote proper healing and ensure the best possible results. Smokers will have to stopsmoking; strenuous activity will have to be avoided until a few weeks post procedure and the okay is given by Dr. Sherris.

Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle

While it is true that the passage of time is a major contributor to the signs of aging on the face,but a person’s lifestyle also plays a major role. Patients who smoked, loved the sun and sunbathe, drank large amounts of alcohol, did not get sufficient amounts of sleep, had poor diets, did not exercise regularly, or otherwise had unhealthy habits before facelift surgery should be willing to alter their lifestyles after facelift surgery if they wish to maintain their results for as long as possible. Otherwise, they may find that they have to endure the premature signs of aging on the face again and the lasting results will be affected.

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