Pre-operative Rhinoplasty Instructions: What to Expect before Surgery By dsherris on November 17, 2014

A young, blonde woman with a stunningly reshaped nose after rhinoplastyRhinoplasty is one of the most transformative procedures in all of plastic surgery, one that involves altering the shape or size of the most prominent feature of the face, the nose. The surgery can be performed for a variety of purposes, including bringing the nose into improved proportion with surrounding facial features, correcting congenital abnormalities, and treating injuries caused by trauma. As a world-renowned, double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in both cosmetic rhinoplasty and reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. David Sherris produces consistently superior results for all his rhinoplasty patients.

While patients of Dr. Sherris can expect nothing less than the finest care while in his state-of-the-art office, they are also expected to contribute to the success of their procedures by following all pre- and post-operative instructions provided to them by Dr. Sherris to the letter. During consultations between Dr. Sherris and his patients at his practice in Buffalo, pre-op rhinoplasty instructions are presented in detail so that patients will have a firm understanding of what to expect before they commit to undergoing surgery. Their willingness to follow these instructions will help to determine their candidacy for rhinoplasty.

If you are considering rhinoplasty, we urge you to read the following pre-operative rhinoplasty instructions to get an idea of what to expect during your consultation with Dr. Sherris. Keeping in mind that you will need to commit yourself to being an active participant in your own surgery, leading a healthy lifestyle both before and after your surgery, and following post-operative instructions in order to achieve the best possible results.

General Pre-surgical Rhinoplasty Instructions

Once Dr. Sherris has determined that you are a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty and you have made up your mind to undergo the procedure, you will be provided with a set of pre-operative instructions that you must follow diligently. We will discuss your specific instructions with you during your confidential, one-on-one consultation, taking the time to make sure that you understand everything that is expected of you and to answer any questions you might have. As part of your pre-operative rhinoplasty instructions, you may be advised:

  • Not to take any aspirin, ibuprofen,  vitamin E or other blood-thinning medications for two weeks leading up to your rhinoplasty procedure.
  • To arrange for a friend or family member to provide transportation on the day of your surgery.
  • Not to eat or drink anything past midnight on the day of your surgery.
  • To have someone available to help care for you during the first day or two after your rhinoplasty.
  • If you smoke, to quit for at least two weeks before surgery. You will likewise be advised not to smoke during your healing period after surgery, as smoking can interfere with the healing process.
  • To fill any medications we prescribe prior to surgery.
  • To wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that fastens down the front (as opposed to having to be pulled over the head) on the day of surgery.
  • Not to wear make-up of any kind on the day of surgery.
  • Not to wear jewelry, piercings or contact lenses on the day of surgery.

Before your rhinoplasty surgery it is best to be as prepared for your healing period as possible. Buy all of the supplies you will need, such as cotton pads, cold compresses, saline nasal spray, and other items suggested by Dr. Sherris prior to surgery. It is also a good idea to verify your follow-up appointments with Dr. Sherris before your rhinoplasty surgery.

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