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Buffalo Rhinoplasty Side EffectsRhinoplasty can be an amazing, transformative, and life-changing procedure. It is among the most transformative plastic surgery procedures performed today. Rhinoplasty can change the size and shape of the nose, improve functionality of the nose, and bring harmony to the facial features. The benefits of rhinoplasty far outweigh the risks for most patients considering the procedure.

As with any surgery, there are  possible side effects and risks associated with rhinoplasty. At his facial plastic surgery practice in Buffalo, Dr. David Sherris discusses possible rhinoplasty side effects and risks in detail. By ensuring a patient understands the risks and complications possible after surgery, the patient can make an informed decision concerning his or her rhinoplasty procedure.

Healing Faster with Healthy Habits

The best way to ensure an easier recovery period is to go into surgery as healthy as you can be. Maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough rest, and not smoking before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery and after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery can help your body heal faster.

Listening to Your Surgeon

Another way to ensure an easier and faster recovery period is by following all post-surgical instructions provided by the surgeon. These instructions are designed to minimize possible side effects after surgery and to help you achieve the exceptional results you desire.

Rhinoplasty Side Effects

Patients can expect to experience some side effects following rhinoplasty surgery. Most side effects will begin to subside within three to four days after the rhinoplasty procedure. Some of the side effects that a patient may experience are:

  • Nausea: It is common for patients to feel nauseous after surgery. The anesthesia used during surgery and pain medication taken after surgery can make a patient feel nauseous.
  • Pain: Rhinoplasty is surgery. A patient should expect to be in mild to moderate pain after surgery. Medication will be prescribed to help alleviate any discomfort or pain experienced after surgery. To better manage pain after surgery, it is recommended that a patient take the medication on time and as recommended.
  • Swelling: This side effect may last for up to a year, but the majority of swelling will resolve in 3 months. Swelling around the nose and eyes is common and to be expected immediately following rhinoplasty surgery. Swelling will begin to decrease within two weeks after the rhinoplasty procedure. Usually after a couple of weeks post surgery the most noticeable swelling will disappear. A small amount of swelling may continue for three to 12 months after surgery.
  • Sinusitis: A patient may develop sinusitis after surgery due to the inside swelling and stuffiness of the nose. In such cases, antibiotics may be prescribed.
  • Scarring: In the open rhinoplasty approach a small incision is made under the nose, and in most cases, scarring after surgery is not visible.
  • A temporary loss of smell: Sometimes the stuffiness and swelling of the inside of the nose after surgery can temporarily affect a patient's sense of smell. 
  • Numbness: The nose and areas surrounding the nose may feel slightly numb after surgery, especially the tip of the nose.
  • Bruising: Bruising should be expected after rhinoplasty surgery. Bruising around the eyes may give the appearance of black eyes after surgery. Most patients will see an improvement in the appearance of bruising within three days following surgery. Most bruising will disappear completely within ten to fourteen days of undergoing the procedure.

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