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Buffalo Facelift Surgical ApproachesOver the years, facelift surgery has come a long way - in fact, the procedure has been refined to a degree that many people don’t realize. It used to be thought that a facelift was reserved for people with extensive wrinkling and sagging of their facial skin, and that it was a drastic measure that produced a certain “pulled-back” look that announced “I underwent plastic surgery.”

Modern facelift surgery, however, allows for completely natural-looking results for women of all ages, whether they require a subtle lift or more comprehensive rejuvenation. The procedure can be customized to a remarkable degree, which helps to ensure results that are elegant and aesthetically pleasing, without any of the tell-tale signs of surgery. Especially in the hands of an experienced facelift expert such as Buffalo plastic surgeon David Sherris, the procedure is one of the safest, most consistently successful cosmetic surgeries available.

Whatever your cosmetic needs and goals, Dr. Sherris can find the ideal solution for you. He is able to perform facelift surgery using a number of different techniques, each of which can be further personalized to ensure results that highlight your unique beauty and essence. The techniques Dr. Sherris offers include:

The Mini Facelift

If you are only beginning to show signs of aging on the face, chances are you don’t need, or particularly want, to undergo a full facelift. In that case, the mini facelift may be perfectly suited to you. This variation on facelift surgery is far less invasive, concentrating on select areas of the lower face, such as the jaw (where jowls may be in the early stages of their formation) or the cheeks (where the first signs of drooping skin often occur). You might want to think of the mini facelift as a “freshening up” of the facial skin that turns back the clock to that period before you experienced the initial signs of aging.

Endoscopic Mid Facelift

Among the most popular of our Buffalo facelift techniques, the endoscopic mid facelift targets the area between the lower eyelids to the corners of the mouth, where wrinkles often form prematurely. Like the mini facelift, the endoscopic mid facelift is potentially ideal if you want to achieve a subtle rejuvenation rather than the dramatic results possible through a full facelift. Using this method, the skin and underlying tissues are tightened using an endoscope, a tiny instrument that can be inserted through very small incisions, reducing the likelihood of visible scarring while promoting quick healing.

Deep Plane Facelift

At our plastic surgery practice in Buffalo, facelift surgery can also be customized to meet the needs of patients with more extensively sagging skin and deeper folds and wrinkles. The deep plane facelift, as its name implies, targets the deeper layers of muscles and other tissue underlying the skin. This method allows Dr. Sherris to address deep nasolabial folds and severe sagging of the cheeks. If you wish to achieve dramatic results from your facelift surgery, deep plane facelift may be best suited to your case.

These represent just three of the specific methods Dr. Sherris can use to perform facelift surgery. For a specific analysis of your facial skin, and counsel as to how you could best achieve your cosmetic goals through plastic surgery, please contact our Buffalo office today.

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