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Buffalo Rhinoplasty CostsAt our Buffalo plastic surgery center, patients have access to one of the nation’s leading experts in rhinoplasty in the form of Dr. David Sherris. Dr. Sherris has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures, and has consistently met and often exceeded the expectations of his patients. Whether you are having rhinoplasty performed for the first time or need a trusted expert to perform revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Sherris can help.

One of the most common questions we receive, via email, from prospective patients is “How much does rhinoplasty cost?” This is a question that no reputable surgeon would, or even could, answer without first meeting and consulting with the patient. At our plastic surgery practice in Buffalo, rhinoplasty costs vary from patient to patient, depending on a number of factors.

One thing is certain: you should never select a plastic surgeon based on price alone. Of course, cost is a factor, and an important one. But remember that plastic surgery represents a substantial investment in yourself and in your appearance. A great result will transform your life in a variety of positive ways, while a botched result will have the exact opposite effect, especially when it involves a feature as prominent as your nose. Many patients end up paying thousands of dollars above their initial investment simply to revise the work done by a doctor who offered “discount” rhinoplasty.

In plastic surgery, experience counts.  So does having a track record of consistent success. Dr. Sherris has both in ample supply.

What Determines Rhinoplasty Costs

At our plastic surgery practice in Buffalo, rhinoplasty is a procedure that is customized according to the unique needs and goals of the individual patient. No two noses are alike, nor are any two rhinoplasty procedures. The cost of rhinoplasty depends largely on the scope of the procedure, the technique used to perform the procedure, and the anesthesia requirements of the patient. All of these elements can only be determined through a detailed, one-on-one consultation.

Rhinoplasty Financing and Insurance

At our Buffalo plastic surgery clinic, we work with our patients to make rhinoplasty as affordable as possible. However, we do not cut corners and will never compromise the quality of our care. When you choose to undergo rhinoplasty with Dr. Sherris, you are paying in part for his experience, his use of state-of-the-art equipment, and the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your nose to a professional who will get it right the first time and stand by his work.

Many patients choose to finance their rhinoplasty through CareCredit®. CareCredit® is an elective healthcare financing program offered through the financial arm of General Electric. They offer a variety of low- and even no-interest repayment plans that will allow you to undergo your rhinoplasty as soon as you are approved, with no money out of pocket.

If you are undergoing rhinoplasty to correct a breathing problem or for some other reason that affects your health, you may be able to have part or all of your procedure covered by your insurance plan. Our office will help you to understand your insurance policy and work with you to make sure that you receive the most from your benefits.

To learn more about rhinoplasty costs or financing, please contact Buffalo plastic surgeon David Sherris today.

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