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Dr. Sherris performed a rhinolasty on January 7, 2016, I am so pleased at the outcome of this procedure. The doctor has a gift of aesthetics that is made evident by technique. The after care was great, Arlene was on call for any concerns day or night. Discomfort was at a minimal. The doctor takes his time in explaining every step involved in the procedure. I have to say, I picked the right doctor and would not change a thing. The end result was beautiful! 
E.R. 9/9/16

"I look like myself. I just look better, younger."

Dr. David A. Sherris strives to provide his patients with an outstanding experience. He takes great care to provide highly personalized care and natural-looking results. In this plastic surgery review, Maggie highly recommends Dr. Sherris for both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

"The results are amazing."

Lip augmentation can create fuller, more feminine lips. Dr. David A. Sherris can carefully perform your treatment with expert-level precision to achieve results that flatter your features. Your comfort and satisfaction are his priorities, and he will tailor your procedure to make your goals a reality. 

I had surgery on my lower eyelids. The Doctor was amazing as was his entire staff. The results far exceeded my expectations. From my initial consult all through the whole  process  everyone at his office was top notch. If I need any other procedures done in the future the only person I would ever use would be Dr. Sherris. Dr.Sherris and his team set the gold standard that others in the medical community should follow.
J.F. 9/13/16

My experience with Dr. Sherris was top notch! He made me feel comfortable and confident from the first consultation, all the way through full recovery. His work speaks for itself; he is an amazing surgeon. And his staff, most notably nurse Arlene, is fabulous! I called Arlene during my post-op/recovery with many questions, and she was willing to help every step of the way. I am beyond happy with my decision to select Dr. Sherris!
J.A. 9/9/16

As the wife of an MD, and as the President and COO of a medical center, my husband and I are both thrilled with the results of the surgery and healing, the care and staff at Dr. Sherrisses office, and my care and the attentive staff at the hospital. My whole experience has been great. I now highly recommend Dr. Sherriss to my any of my patients and the patients at our center who are looking for facial surgery or consultation.
C.S.  7/15/16

Dr. Sherris is a very thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate doctor. As a nurse, I am very familiar with the medical field and have worked alongside many doctors. Dr. Sherris and his staff treat their patients as individuals and keep that in mind when addressing each patient. My outcome as exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Dr. Sherris to my friends, family, and patients.
N.P.  5/30/16

I had a septo-rhinoplasty done and I was very satisfied with the whole process and the results. Dr. Sherris and the rest of the staff were very welcoming and cheerful. They described what the procedure would be like in detail so there was no confusion. I healed very well and the surgery itself was not too uncomfortable. The first week after the surgery, there was some pain and discomfort but it was very manageable. A month after the surgery, I felt fine and the swelling had already gone down a lot. I am very happy with my experience. The results are beautiful and natural looking. I can breathe better as well. I cannot recommend Dr. Sherris enough, he is a very attentive and caring doctor.
S.D. 9/9/16

Anna M.- I had an incredible experience with Dr. Sherris and his staff. They were consistently efficient while making sure to care for my needs ever step of the way. I felt such comfort in my treatment knowing of Dr. Sherris' past work, honors, and experience and he truly did live up to all of it! I would definitely choose Dr. Sherris for treatment in the future and I would recommend him to my family and friends!
A.M.  2/2/17

Dr. Sherris's office was with me every step of the way. I knew the specifics of the procedure and all of the appointments. I was able to contact someone anytime I had a question. I am so pleased with how everything turned out! I would recommend Dr. Sherris to everyone!
E.W.  9/5/17

"He is a master."

In this review of Dr. David A. Sherris, Michael describes his experience as a patient. Dr. Sherris is a board-certified plastic surgeon who strictly specializes in facial cosmetic procedures. He can provide patients with the highest level of care for both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

"You're going to walk out looking like the best version of you."

In this plastic surgery testimonial, Courtney describes the results Dr. David A. Sherris helped her achieve. Dr. Sherris is a top-rated facial plastic surgeon who has received numerous awards. Each year, he is voted one of the "Best Doctors in America."
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Dr. Sherris performed a facelift, brow lift, and lip augmentation for me in December 2016. I could not be happier with the results. It has increased my self-confidence significantly. Dr. Sherris and his entire staff are very professional and compassionate. He is truly an artist with a scalpel! I highly recommend him for any facial surgery.
D.W.  9/16/16

From my first office visit to and including my surgery everything was exceptional. The doctor and entire staff were extremely helpful. Arlene gave me her cell phone number and said call me anytime if i had questions or concerns. I did a few times and she was right there to ease my concerns. Exceptional service from start to finish
P.M.  10/11/16

I was a little apprehensive before my surgery ( rhinoplasty)I heard many stories about unsuccessful nose jobs done by other doctors . I went to doctor Sherris with no high expectations, I had my surgery exactly a year ago. I had a very large African nose. He had to break all my nose and make a new one, a lot of work. My nose is looking AMAZING and doctor Sherris told me a few days ago that still a little swollen so, in few months will look much much better. 1 to 10, I give 15. I was not expecting to look exactly the way I want it. My nose looks natural, refined, very classy. I even kind feel embarrassed with fact that I took a Janet Jackson picture to my first consultation, Doctor Sherris gave me a nose much better, more natural,classy, and refined than Janet 's nose.
H.S.  10/26/16

Dr. Sherris and his staff are absolutely amazing, they are extremely down to earth, make patients feel comfortable and are the best in Buffalo! I had the best experience and I would highly recommend their office. I had septorhinoplasty surgery and I can finally breathe properly and my nose looks great! Thank you so much for everything! :)
K.O.  11/16/16

My experience with Dr. Sherris was very positive. He communicated exactly what he could do and not do. He took his time each and every time we met and always answered all my questions. He was very encouraging every step of the way. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my procedure.
S.J.  1/9/17

Dr. Sherris has ALWAYS demonstrated professionalism both in the office, and the operating room. He is a conscientious and well respected surgeon who does remarkable work. His work has left me feeling years younger, with a very natural looking face. I highly recommend this Dr. For any and all facial work.
C.B.  1/9/17

It has been one year since I got my rhinoplasty and chin liposuction and I am 100% pleased with my results! I finally like my face in pictures thanks to Dr. Sherris! If I had to do it again...I would.
K.S.  1/9/17

Across nearly ten years Dr. Sherris performed three facial surgeries for me. Some of the procedures were repairs or corrections, some were cosmetic in nature. Pre- and post- consultations were excellent -- Dr. Sherris was so generous with his time I could have believed I was the only Patient he was seeing that day. Each time the results of the procedure exceeded my original expectations. I had the unshakable impression and experience that nothing mattered more to him than I did.
J.J.  1/11/17

I had a broken nose that Dr. Sherris fixed and shaved down a bit as well as a brow lift, I am very pleased with the results of both procedures. I cannot believe the difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Sherris and his staff.
A.D.  2/13/17

I had revision rhinoplasty to fix an issue with my previous surgery. I was unable to breath properly and one side of my nose was visibly collapsed. Dr. Sherris did a fabulous job with both my sinus and appearance issues. I am extremely pleased with the results and ongoing care and follow up. The staff and his facility are impeccable. In addition, I am a patient for other procedures. I cannot say enough about the quality of the outcome and the quality of the staff/office.
M.D.  2/13/17

From my first consultation, I had a fantastic experience at Dr. Sherris' office. His staff is incredibly warm, welcoming and nonjudgmental and made me feel comfortable during a self-conscience time in my life. Dr. Sherris was very thorough in his exam, as well as detailed in what my options were, what the surgery entailed, the recovery etc. He made me feel at ease and confident in his team. The procedure went quickly and smoothly, exactly as planned and recovery was a breeze! I was brought to tears with my results; Dr. Sherris gave me exactly what I was looking for so many years. The difference was subtle, natural and feminine. I cannot thank them enough!
E.R.  3/7/17

Dr. Sherris is one of the best doctors that I have ever had the experience to work with. Dr. Sherris’s staff is very friendly, accommodating, and helpful. They are always able to get me in when every I need help with anything. Dr. Sherris is a fantastic surgeon, his bedside manner in one of the best that I have ever experienced. The office is beautiful, very welcoming and warm. If anybody has the need to see a specialist, I would highly recommend giving Dr. Sherris and his wonderful staff a chance.
D.H.  3/8/17

I needed to have a lower lip reconstruction. Lower lip was disfigured due to scar tissue from a previous injury. Dr. Sherris took me in as a patient and performed the procedure to restoring my lip to a more natural shape. He did a magnificent job!!!
D.A.  3/15/17

For years I've been dealing with deviated septum, trouble breathing through my nose, and an unsuccessful septoplasty that left me pretty much feeling helpless and dependent on breathe right strips. When sleeping or eating I would have to breathe through my mouth and hated the feeling of waking up with a dry mouth. I finally went online and looked up a doctor with ENT and Plastic Surgery background so I would only have the most experienced doctor especially if I was going to have surgery a second time. As soon as I woke up from my surgery I could already breathe amazingly well. It only got better from there. This has truly changed my life. I can now breathe normally through my nose and for the first time in my life can sleep and eat with my mouth closed. I highly recommend Dr. Sherris. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in his field, he has a friendly helpful staff and the entire experience was relatively painless. I highly recommend Dr. Sherris to anyone who has trouble breathing through their nose. I am very thankful for finally being able to breathe through my nose normally and it feels wonderful.
A.A.  5/1/17

I could not be more pleased with my experience with Dr. Sherris and his staff. He performed a septorhinoplasty after breaking my nose three separate times. Dr. Sherris and Arlene were always very patient with me, and I was very sensitive about having my nose touched etc. The results after a year are amazing, I truly did not think it was possible to have a straight and symmetric nose.
K.B.  5/15/17

The overall process regarding timeline, quality of care, and efficiency with the surgery was outstanding. The staff was wonderful and the surgery went smoothly without any complications. Recovery was seamless and well managed. The staff is knowledgeable and personable. I would recommend Dr. Sherris' practice to anyone that was looking for a consult and or/surgery.
R.O.  5/15/17

My experience with Dr. Sherris was wonderful. I believe he is one of the finest and best facial plastic surgeons in this area. He made me feel at ease and all my experiences with him were pleasurable. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering any kind of rhinoplasty, etc.
M.J.  5/24/17

Dr. David Sherris is my go-to for Botox and Juvaderm. I've been to the best of the best doctors for this treatment and find that Dr. Sherris is a true artist with the face. He is honest and will give you an honest opinion on what you may need or not.
K.A. 12/22/15

Dr. Sherris is superior and an expert in all aspects of plastic surgery in my opinion. He did far more to my facelift and my neck then I expected. I look in the mirror now and I feel young again. I thank him and highly recommend him to anyone. He explains the surgery thoroughly and never rushes through any questions you have. He was the 4th plastic surgeon I've seen and I was right in choosing Dr. Sherris!!
M.M.  2/14/17

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