Some of the Lives We've Changed

Dear Doc:
Thanks for all of the wonderful work on my throat and thanks for the kind and highly professional way in which you did it. The quality of medical services at the Mayo Clinic continues to amaze me. I will add my experience with you as yet another example proving that Mayo is simply the best. My entire family thanks you.

Could you please pass along my appreciation to the nursing and professional staff who worked with me at Methodist Hospital. They were terrific! I will always remember their kindness, particularly on Thanksgiving, when I am sure they were wishing they were home eating turkey rather than taking care of that old political turkey. Both Joan and I are very appreciative.
Walter F. Mondale

I've been on Ampho-B since february of '06 and it has made a HUGE difference in my life!
Thank you so much for your research into CRS.

Have a great summer!

Dr. Sherris,
Thank you sooo much for fixing my ear! It’s not too often you meet such a wonderful, caring and funny doctor like yourself! It’s also not often you can have the opportunity to fix a mistake you made (like piercing your ear! Or have stitches taken out by an elevator). I just wanted you to know that even though it may have been a very little thing to do for a person it meant a lot that you could fit it! I hope you will continue to make people feel better about how they look and feel for a long time. Thank you again for everything. You are a great person!
Joanne Teo
PS: I promise no more piercing!

Dear Dr. Sherris and residents,
I wanted to thank you so much for being so compassionate and understanding during this past week. I can tell you I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be going into surgery. You all made me feel very relaxed and safe. I also wanted to thank you for seeing me the extra day to clean my nose. That made a world of difference. You have been so sweet and I know that I will love the finishing touches!! Thanks again.
Kelly Pies

Dr Sherris and staff,
Thank you so much for everything you all did for me during my stay in Rochester. The surgery was tough but everyone was so wonderful and I’m very pleased with the results. You truly work miracles!
God Bless,
Camilla Jeckort

Dear Dr. Sherris,
Just off – congratulations – I understand you and your wife just had a baby! What a wonderful ‘pre-Christmas’ present.
I wanted to write and than you for many things – certainly my beautiful chin. I’ll spare you the long history – but I have always hated the way I looked…until now. What a revelation at 47 to look in the mirror and actually like – and like very much – what you see. That is a first for me. I don’t think I’m vain yet – but I’m moving in that direction!! Between my weight loss and your handiwork – my self esteem is soaring. You could never know what a gift that is in my life.
Thank you, too, for being approachable. I think many physicians are put off by patients who are overweight – you made me feel comfortable and positive right from day one.

Your ‘team’ is fantastic. From your secretary who sings your praises to Dr. Remington – who has so much admiration for you – to the friendly nurses in the operating room – I could not have had a better experience.
It’s hard not to gush – but you have made a big, big difference in my life.
I am very grateful.
Thank you so much –
Roxanne Hockema

Dear Dr. Sherris,
Thank you so much. Since my operation I have been able to breathe easier, chew with my mouth closed, and I have not had a single sinus infection since. Also cosmetically my nose fits my face, and I no longer have to be shy to take pictures or smile. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Danielle Tolman

Dr. Sherris & Staff,
Thank you so much for fitting me in on Friday due to the water main break on Thrusday. It made my life so much easier. Thank you so much. It’s nice to know there are still people out there who care about others first.
I’m sure my nose will look great considering the awesome doctor who did it.
Genevieve Kowalski

Thank you Dr. Sherris-
As you can see, having the rhinoplasty has resulted in a more proportionate, aesthetically pleasing appearance. I’m glad I had you perform the surgery,
Janet Kiefer (surgery 12/03)

Dear Dr. Sherris, Mrs. Sherris, and Nurse Michelle,
I just want to thank all of you again for how accommodating, personable, and skillful you were during the recent office visits & surgery. We feel very fortunate to have found & benefited from your services & knowledge. Both Tom & I are thrilled to have life returned to a more normal and healthier base.

Again, thank you all so very much!
Nanette Boyinle Beall & Tom Higley

Dear Dr. Sherris and Staff,
Sincere thanks for your excellent care. Since my recovery form sinus surgery, I feel I have a new lease on life. This is the healthiest summer I have had in many years. I’m sincerely grateful.
Cindy Humphrey

Dear Dr. Sherris,
I just wanted you to know how very much my family and I appreciated the time you spent with us at the listing appointment last Wednesday answering our many questions.

It was very helpful and has led to my being less worrisome than before about my surgery. Thanks again! I hope you and your family have a great summer back here in western N.Y.

See you on July 22nd.
Ellen W. Strielich

Dear Dr. & Lisa,
It is really hard to express our gratitude for all the kindness & friendship you gave us at Mayo’s. We hope those visits were some what pleasant for you, too. We also send best wishes to Lisa and your children now that all of you have had time to settle back in your home city.

We know the last thing you expect is gifts but we couldn’t stop ourselves. This pen is not only a thank you for all the great treatment and help with insurance but a in the hope that you will use it to put my name on a chart and reserve a future spot so I can visit your Buffalo office. I am going to need “The whole works” and Nell & I agree that we will travel many miles for your excellent, expert help. Another big thank you for letting us know where you are so that when we get any (and all) plastic surgery we will be going to the very best.

Wishing you all happiness and success,
Nell & Janelle Posey

Dear Dr. Sherris,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by your peers to be included in the Best Doctors in America 2005-2006 database.

The Best Doctors in America database is a valued resource that contains the names and professional profiles of approximately 32,000 of the best doctors in the United States. An exhaustive peer-review survey by thousands of doctors determines the doctors included in the database. Only those doctors who earn the consensus support of their peers are included. Doctors cannot buy listings. For this reason, inclusion in the Best Doctors in America database is a remarkable honor.

The Best Doctors in America database is the preeminent listing of its kind. It has been featured on national television shows including 60 Minutes, The Today Show, and CNN Headline News as well as in major print media including USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Tthe Wall Street Journal. The database has also received recognition in scores of major metropolitan magazines, as well as in major media outlets in Canada, Europe and Asia.
Best Doctors harnesses the knowledge of the 32,000 best doctors included in the database to provide a unique combination of medical experience, skill and insight that our clients can access to help them confidently manage complex medical problems. Today Best Doctors serves over 10 million people in 30 countries and has worldwide acclaim for successfully connecting patients to the best medical care.

Once again, we would like to extend our congratulations to you.
Kenneth Falchuk, M.D.
Board Member
Medical Consultant

Jose Halperin, M.D.
Board Member
Medical Consultant

Dear Nominee:
I am proud to congratulate you on being selected for inclusion in the ninth edition of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 2005.

As indisputable testimony to the value of outstanding teachers, Who’s Who will honor a select 5% of our nation’s teachers. America’s best teachers will be recognized just as the best doctors, lawyers, athletes, business people and other professionals have traditionally been honored.

As the only publication dedicated exclusively to the recognition of our country’s premier teachers, Who’s Who is a valuable resource for everyone concerned with quality education.

The book is distributed on a complimentary basis to all state superintendents of public education and several hundred public libraries throughout the county. Additionally, all principals and college presidents will be notified of the teachers in their institutions selected for this award. They are requested to announce these selections to their faculties, students and parents via appropriate school media. We will also notify participating newspapers nationwide of the teachers in their communities being honored.

Sincerely yours,
Parke H. Davis
Chairman, National Academic Affairs

Dear Ms. Myhrom:
Thank you for all your help in arranging my visit to the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday, 6 May.

I was impressed from the first time I called. Your graciously contacted Dr. Li’s office and coordinated my visit with him while I was still on the line. My entire experience at the Mayo Clinic was impressive. Everyone I encountered, from you and the nurses, to the doctors and even the parking attendant was professional, pleasant, and helpful. The scheduling of my tests and medical exams was incredibly efficient; I was done in one day! As I told several Mayo staffers, “You folks should be put in charge of running the railroads and airlines!” Thank you!

Thank you too for recommending the Best Western at Soldier’s Field. The room was spacious and comfortable. In addition, the staff was most accommodating. Although I had made a reservation for four days, they didn’t charge me for a second day, even though I returned to the hotel at about 5pm Tuesday, and announced that my clinic visit was completed. They wished me a pleasant journey and sent me on my way!

Last by not least, please thank Dr. Sherris for me. I am following the treatment he prescribed and have already regained some olfaction. I am grateful for having the opportunity to be seen by him and to benefit from the pioneering work he and his colleagues are doing.

Thank you again for all your help with this visit.
J. K.

Dear Doctor Shrris:
When you told me you were leaving Mayo Clinic the last time I was there (April 24), I was surprised and also sad to hear of your leaving. Sometimes, I think, doctors don’t realize their impact on a patient’s life. Your impact on my life was tremendous and I can’t say “Thank You” enough. You even thought about my future treatment in referring me to Dr. Burton. All in all, I think you’re just about the best doctor I’ve ever had treat me, and I have endured a lot of them. I know you are looking forward to moving to Buffalo and that is a good thing.

I’ve been feeling guilty about that Packer story you told me and so am enclosing a Green Bay Packer tee shirt. May I suggest that next time you are in Green Bay for a game, you slip this shirt on under your jacket. If you should run into an irate Green Bay Packer fan, just flash them your Packer shirt. It should save any needless physical confrontation and it will add extra warmth!

Good luck in the future and I hope Buffalo turns out to be all you hoped.

Your ‘cured’ patient
Patricia Judkins

Dear Jennifer Nelson,
Hello Jennifer, I would like to take this time and thank Two Great Doctor’s, Dr. Kern, but the guy who has been a great impact into my health has been Dr. Sherris. I have been seeing Dr. Sherris since April of 1999 for my sinuses and septal problems.

The doctor’s here in Canada have not been much of a help, I have had several infections and still have problems breathing. Dr. Sherris has basically saved my life and given me a ray of hope. I was given the options by Dr. Sherris for sinus surgery and to reconstruct my septum in May of 2001. I have only enough money to get the one surgery. I am planning on getting the septum repaired as the two prior septal operations did not work as it’s still deviated up high. I have never had a open septal surgery, the doctor’s up here in Canada say it’s to drastic. I believe Dr. Sherris will make it work and I can only say he’s been a God send as I’m 38 years old and have three young boys. These sinus problems have been happening only since 1997, before that I was fine. I wish I had the money for both surgeries but I don’t. Dr. Javer who trained under Dr. Kuhn of Savannah Georgia will do my surgery in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is the sinus surgery and would be covered by Manitoba health where I live. Manitoba health would not cover my surgery in the States as if it’s available in Canada you wait. The waiting list can be up to two years, I was lucky to get in on December 15th of this year in Vancouver for the sinuses. Dr. Kern has also helped when Dr. Sherris was away and they have both been great. I believe that you people are very fortunate to have these doctor’s as they are a benefit to their profession. It’s the way they treat, as a human being, not a number, the care, compassion is outstanding. All I want is to be better or have a better quality of life and I believe Dr. Sherris and his work will help me reach my goal as it mean’s everything to me and my boys. If I had the money to spend on both I would in a heartbeat. The travel and the exchange is a killer, but it’s worth it if Dr. Sherris can help. I wanted to write this letter as I can’t say enough about this doctor and I just wanted to say Thank you for now and the future as I plan on getting my nose close to being better.
One great person wrote, If I can help one person, life is worth living. Well that would be Dr. Sherris and Dr. Kern.

Thank you for having the Mayo Clinic
Graeme Jones

Dear Ms. Nelson:
I wish to write this letter of commendation in regards to the above captioned surgery I underwent with Drs. Colin L.W. Driscoll and David A. Sherris, the results of which to this layperson are nothing short of miraculous. I must add, however that had it not been for a brief and singular visit with Dr. Robert Northcutt to learn of TSH test results I may not have been quite so lucky.

It was within this maximum fifteen minute session with Dr. Northcutt that I nearly implored him to share what medical knowledge he could with me pertaining to acute and chronic sinusitis for my bouts with same over the past six years were particularly debilitating. Dr. Northcutt immediately observed a lack of symmetry to my nose which inferred an internal malignment. And , he was able to secure an ENT consultation within the same day for me. By contrast, my own Ivy League internist of many years never once suggested an ENT referral despite bringing these symptoms to him --- to many times!

The results of my CT scan from my ENT consultation were about as dramatic and equally beneficial as the post-op results have been. The circuitous and extremely narrow passageways which were grotesque, but revelatory. Dr. Driscoll said ‘on a scale of 1-10, your deviation’s about a 9” Surgery would be the optimal treatment and correction. (I asked him to tell me the #’s 1-10 scale).

Thankfully, the surgery went well. Everything was carefully explained and to some degree reviewed for me by Dr. Driscoll. Hence, there were no surprises. From the aesthetic point, the same can be said of Dr. Sherris, too. I’ve a great new nose that to this day seems a marvel to me in how well it breathes. I never knew I was supposed to breathe like that!

Jennifer Cacciatore

Dr. Sherris,
I wanted to be sure to send my thanks before I move. By this time next year I’ll likely be in NM or CO. The semi-arid climate should offer me more allergy relief. Even though the road was a little longer than anticipated, the results of my procedures are exactly what I wanted. My ultimate goal (in addition to fewer sinus problems) was to have a nose that didn’t distract or attract. I feel like now it is just another feature, very unnoticeable. That is perfect in my mind. So I offer my thanks for your patience and perseverance with my case. I feel better about myself now than when I was in my 20’s!

Much appreciation,
Kelly Bradshaw

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