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Rhinoplasty, also referred to as nose surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to reshape the nose. The surgery can change the overall size of the nose, narrow the span of the nostrils, remove a hump, change the angle between the upper lip and the nose, change the shape of either the tip or the bridge of the nose, straighten a crooked nose, improve a collapsed (saddle) nose, and in some cases relieve breathing problems. Men and women who are physically healthy, realistic in their expectations, and who are looking to improve the appearance of the nose may be good candidates for rhinoplasty. Age may be a consideration in determining the suitability of this surgery for any given patient as it is generally recommended that rhinoplasty be postponed until the nose has completed its growth, which is typically around the age of fourteen for girls and sixteen for boys. Dr. Sherris has performed over 2000 rhinoplasty surgeries, improving both the appearance and the function of the nose. He is a world renowned expert in the field, and regularly travels around the United States and the world to teach the procedure to other surgeons.

Rhinoplasty Patient

Rhinoplasty Patient
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Rhinoplasty surgery typically takes between one and two hours to perform and may take place in an outpatient surgery center or a hospital. Dr. Sherris prefers to do most rhinoplasty surgeries under general anesthesia to protect the patients’ airway during surgery and thereby make the procedure safer. Incisions may be confined to the inside of the nose, which is referred to as 'closed rhinoplasty', or there may be a small incision on the columella of the under surface of the nose, which is referred to as 'open rhinoplasty'. Once the incisions are made, the skin is lifted to reveal the underlying bone and cartilage. The nose is reshaped and sculpted until the desired look is achieved, after which the skin is redraped and the incisions are closed.

Dr. Sherris sews the membranes closed within the nose and therefore can almost always avoid the need for nasal packing. This improves the comfort of the patient dramatically. There is a cast on the outside of the nose and soft rubber splints inside the nose to keep things straight and prevent scaring during the early healing phase. The cast, splints, and sutures are removed by 7 days after surgery. Much of the swelling resolves within 3 weeks, but the final result takes a full year to be realized.

The results of rhinoplasty are permanent. As with all types of surgery, there are potential complications which may include infection, adverse anesthesia reactions, bleeding, redeviation, septal perforation, hematoma, loss of smell, continued or worsened nasal obstruction, the recurrence of a bump or asymmetry, and the need for further surgery. In Dr. Sherris' hands these long term complications are extremely rare, and Dr. Sherris will continue your care until full healing is realized.


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