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Upper Eyelid Surgery Buffalo Are you ready to revitalize your appearance and take away years of aging? Upper eyelid surgery may be for you. At our Buffalo plastic surgery practice - proudly serving Western New York, including Niagara Falls - we are specialists in facial cosmetic surgery and can provide you with superb care. By focusing our attention on facial surgery, we are able to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry and hone our skills with continuing education. You can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure your health and satisfaction. To schedule a consultation with Dr. David Sherris, or to learn more about upper eyelid surgery, contact Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery in Buffalo today.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can reduce or eliminate the appearance of sagging eyelids, and minimize puffiness, both of which can result in a tired or aged appearance. To begin upper eyelid surgery, local or general anesthesia will first be administered to ensure the patient's comfort. Once anesthetized, a small incision will be made in the upper crease of the eyelid; this incision location allows both access to the skin, muscle, and fat tissue of the upper eyelid as well as for the concealment of any resulting scarring. Visible scarring can detract from the results of the procedure, so we take every precaution to ensure that any scars are as inconspicuous as possible. Once the incision has been made, excess skin and fat tissue will be removed and the remaining skin will be elevated so that sagging is eliminated and the eyelid crease is more defined. As each procedure is different, we will have a consultation with the patient prior to surgery in which we discuss in detail his or her aesthetic goals. In extreme cases, upper eyelid surgery can also be employed for vision improvement.

Smooth, Tighten, & Rejuvenate the Forehead Area

A brow lift can target the upper eye area and forehead to create a dramatically more youthful appearance. Dr. David A. Sherris performs the endoscopic brow lift technique to provide the most natural-looking outcome and a quicker recovery. He can tailor your procedure to your needs.

Full recovery from eyelid surgery can take several weeks to a month. However, within the first week (typically 2-5 days after surgery) the stitches will be removed. To ensure positive results, patients should get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity for the time prescribed by Dr. Sherris. Additionally, it is advised that sunglasses be worn during the first couple of weeks to avoid exposure to sun or wind, and activities such as reading, using a computer, or watching television be avoided, as these can strain the eyes over time and cause dryness.

Risks and Benefits

Though diet and exercise can be wonderfully effective at maintaining the body's shape, tone, and figure, the face, and in particular the eyelids, are immune to such measures and tend to betray a person's true age. With upper eyelid surgery, we can improve your appearance and give you the youthful, healthy look that you desire. Among the benefits of upper eyelid surgery are a more refreshed, well-rested appearance, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, and a more personable disposition in social circles. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can have a profoundly positive impact on your life and we encourage you to take action if you are unsatisfied with your appearance.

As with all surgical procedures, upper eyelid surgery is not without risk. Excessive bleeding, infection, bruising, swelling, adverse reaction to anesthesia, visible scarring, and the need for secondary treatment are among the possible complications of eyelid surgery. As experts in facial plastic surgery, we can call upon our unparalleled knowledge and experience to help minimize these risks.

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