Surgical Treatment for Large Earring Holes By dsherris on November 18, 2016

Woman with ears free of earring holesMany people go through style phases that they eventually outgrow. Just about everyone has had a haircut, wardrobe, or other style choice that they wish they could forget. Fortunately, aside from a few awkward photos, most of these choices can be forgotten without any long-term consequences.

However, there are those choices that are more difficult to reverse, like tattoos or large ear piercings. Thankfully, cosmetic surgery can help reverse these more “permanent” style choices. Ear surgery can reshape the ear to address disfigurement, including stretched earlobes, ripped through earlobes and large earring holes. Plastic surgeon David Sherris offers ear surgery for earring holes to provide our Buffalo, NY patients with attractive earlobes that won’t draw unwanted attention.

Earlobe Surgery Candidates

Surgery for earring holes corrects earlobes that have been stretched by excessively large earrings and plugs or ripped through completely. If an earring hole has been stretched to 8mm or larger, it is highly unlikely that the earlobe hole will ever close and return to its former appearance.

Earlobe surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is safe for most patients. Anyone who wishes to treat a stretched earlobe, a ripped through earlobe or large earring hole may be a good candidate for earlobe repair surgery.

The Procedure

Ear reshaping is a cosmetic surgery procedure. However, it is far less invasive than any other form of cosmetic surgery. Earlobe repair surgery is typically performed using local anesthetic in the office. While the ear will be adequately numbed to ensure patient comfort, the patient will remain completely conscious throughout the procedure. Earlobe repair surgery is also a relatively short procedure. It usually takes just 30 minutes to reshape the earlobe and eliminate large earring holes or repair earlobes.

During earlobe repair surgery Dr. Sherris will make a small incision at the base of the earlobe. This incision is used to eliminate tissue that has been excessively stretched. Remaining tissue will be brought together to create a natural-looking earlobe, and the incision will be closed using small internal and external stitches.


There is no downtime required after ear surgery for large earring holes or ripped earlobes. Most patients are able to return to their routine schedule the day after surgery. It is important to keep the incision site clean and to avoid scratching or pulling at stitches. Stitches will usually be removed in about a week. Once stitches are removed, each ear will have a tiny scar that will look bright red initially. Over time, this scar will fade and is barely noticeable. Patients can re-pierce their ears, if they desire, but they are advised to wait at least six months after surgery to ensure that the ear has healed completely.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking to restore a more natural appearance to your ears, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to learn more about ear reshaping surgery. Dr. David Sherris can answer any questions you may have, as well as let you know if you are an ideal candidate for treatment.

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