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Excess skin that droops and sags around your eyelids can make you look constantly tired.

Dr. David Sherris at the Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery can perform blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to remove excess skin around the eyes.

Learn why patients from around the world come to Dr. Sherris for surgery at his Buffalo, NY, facility.

Achieve a More Youthful Look 
With Eyelid Surgery

A Blepharoplasty procedure at The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery in Buffalo, NY, can enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your eyelids. Dr. Sherris can perform surgery on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Benefits of the procedure include: 

Sagging Upper Eyelids

As you age, the skin of the upper eyelid can start to sag or droop. Although this is natural, a drooping eyelid can unintentionally make you look angry, tired, or sad.

Baggy Lower Eyelids

Another consequence of aging, the lower eyelid can become puffy or baggy over time. Eyelid surgery can correct this cosmetic issue. 

Tired Appearance 

Loose and sagging skin around your eyelids can make you appear tired, even if you're fully awake. Blepharoplasty can make you look younger and more youthful. 

Blepharoplasty can address drooping upper eyelids and baggy skin beneath the eyelids. However, eyelid surgery alone won't eliminate dynamic crow's feet at the corner of your eyes or sagging of the mid to lower face. Procedures like BOTOX®, facelifts or brow lifts can address wrinkles and sagging skin around different areas of your face when combined with eyelid surgery. 

A Rejuvenated Appearance 

Before Excess skin on the upper eyelids and lower eyelids give the patient puffy-looking eyes.
After Surgery on the upper eyelids and lower eyelids give the patient a more alert and youthful appearance.  

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Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sherris is a double board-certified who has performed blepharoplasty surgeries for thousands of patients over the last 20 years. People from all over the world come to his Buffalo, NY, facility for life-changing plastic surgery. 

Working with royal families, Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 leaders, and even other doctors, Dr. Sherris uses advanced techniques to minimize scarring and risks of complications. 

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of blepharoplasty surgery, contact our Buffalo, NY, office online or call:


Dr. David Sherris

Top Reviews For Our Buffalo, NY, Facility  


Suzanne Sullivan


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I'm thrilled with my results--Dr. Sherris and his entire team were an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this practice if you are considering facial plastic surgery. I cried tears of joy when I removed my surgical dressing, I was literally that happy.

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Abbie Lelito


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Dr. Sherris is an amazing surgeon! He is very thorough and efficient with his work. The staff are all very helpful. I get compliments everywhere I go after my surgery! I would highly recommend Dr. Sherris and his staff to anyone looking for a high qualified surgeon!

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A Blepharoplasty May Be Right For You

During a consultation at his Buffalo, NY, office, Dr. Sherris will review your medical history and your aesthetic goals to see if eyelid surgery is right for you. Our plastic surgeon will check:

Overall Health

Certain health conditions can increase risks during surgery. If you have any medical concerns or are taking any medications, be sure to disclose this information to Dr. Sherris before surgery. 

Tobacco Use

Smoking and other tobacco products will compromise your body's ability to heal. At minimum, you should quit smoking a month before your eyelid surgery. 


No plastic surgery or treatment can completely reverse aging. However, a blepharoplasty can make you appear much younger than before. 

The Blepharoplasty Procedure


Anesthesia is applied for your comfort before any incisions are made.


Once you are properly sedated, Dr. Sherris will make small incisions near the upper or lower eyelids. He will then remove excess skin and sometimes fat deposits or reposition the natural lower fat pad. The remaining skin is tightened, giving you smoother contours around the eyes.


After repositioning the skin, the incisions are stitched up. Dr. Sherris will remove the stitches about one week after the procedure and check healing.

Paying for Blepharoplasty Treatment 

Patients of all walks of life should be able to enjoy the benefits of eyelid surgery. Dr. Sherris offers financing through CareCredit®. 

CareCredit is free and easy to apply and you'll receive a decision immediately. If you're approved, you can schedule your procedure even before you receive your card. Some financing options through CareCredit allow you to make payments that range from six to 60 months. 

Our friendly office staff will gladly answer any questions you have regarding finance options during your visit. 

Complementary Procedures

When combined with eyelid surgery, a facelift or BOTOX can eliminate other lines and sagging skin around the face, leaving the patient looking more youthful. 


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Similar to how blepharoplasty addresses wrinkles and loose skin around the eyes, a facelift procedure smooths out sagging skin along the jawline, lower face and neck. Dr. Sherris also tightens and lifts the underlying layer of tissue over the facial muscles. He then removes sagging skin and smooths over the remaining tissue. This leaves the patient with a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

BOTOX Cosmetic 

Lady looking left

Botox injections are easy and can address crow's feet, forehead lines, and frown lines in just one visit. This non-invasive procedure requires minimal downtime and can help restore confidence with a more youthful appearance.

More Top Reviews For Our Buffalo, NY, Facility 


Nina Jack


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Very pleased with my results from Dr. Sherris. He is my go-to from now on. All appointments were timely and professional. I also felt very safe in his office. My small procedure has made me feel years younger and has given my confidence a nice boost. Could not recommend him enough!

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Amanda Miller


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Dr. Sherris, his nurse Arlene, and the entire staff is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend them. The quality of the work is outstanding, we are shocked at the results of my 5 year old daughters surgery. They are incredibly nice and a caring group of people. If I could give them 100 stars, I would.

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Dr. David A. Sherris

The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. David A. Sherris is highly qualified to perform your surgery, with distinguishing achievements such as: 

  • Double board-certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as otolaryngology
  • Regular invitations to travel around the world to teach other surgeons 
  • Annually voted as one of the "Best Doctors of America"
  • Thousands of patients around the globe, including other doctors

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sherris and discuss your options for plastic surgery, contact our practice in Buffalo, NY, online or call us at (716) 884-5102.

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